Hello world

We are Nobody

Here to talk about Nothing

The NFT space was meant to build a new world

New rules

New frontier

Many promises ended up being nothing

Scams, failures and rugs

Projects with no sustainable roadmap and no future

Look at your wallet

What do you have?

Is all of it truly valuable?

Or is most of it just noise?

Let us reset

Start from nothing

Build towards a better future together

As nobodies

As a decentralized unit

We didn't come here to tell you how this is going to end.

We came here to tell you how this is going to begin.

Let this be a reminder

You are in control

Of what you support and what succeeds

And how we shape the space.

Anything is possible

Where we go from here is a choice up to all of us

It all starts with Nothing

Nobodies are coming.